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Video Editing - Cardiff Post Production Facilities


Reliable and creative post production is key to the impact and overall quality of any programme, DVD, Blu-ray or video film. Cracking Productions' video editors have worked on everything from Top Gear to Panorama to Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  We have the talent and the kit and a very reasonable ratecard.

In addition to video editing, our services encompass subtitling, sound design and mixing, graphic design, motion graphics, online colour grading, compression, conversion, encoding, sound design and mixing, voice over recording, CCTV redacting and video evidence blurring etc.  We can then upload up to 6GB an hour to any part of the world.

Our edit suites are set up, proved and ready to go to deliver in any format you need from HDCam SR to a filebased Quicktime. Get in touch for a quote now.


Our video editing post production and DVD authoring facilities include:


Edit 1 (Cardiff): Our light bright spacious suite's video editing facilities kit includes broadcast standard equipment:base jpg2487 tiny squashed

  •     Avid Symphony - online & EBU 128 standard
  •     8TB RAID 10 fast storage - 4k capable
  •     Harding PSE testing
  •     Boris Continuum Complete 10 effects 64bit
  •     Sorenson Squeeze 10 video compression software
  •     Photoshop
  •     Voice over unit with professional mic
  •     42" client monitor
  •     Behringer studio reference 300w monitors
  •     Videoscope & BBC PPM's
  •     Blu-ray disk authoring
  •     Sonic Professional DVD authoring
  •     Various card readers
  •     Backup Avid Media Composer PC's
  •     Wi Fi & 10GB Upload per hour



What makes Cracking Productions stand out?

All said, its NEVER about the hardware...  Having edited and delivered primetime network programmes for all the main UK broadcasters Cracking Productions' editors have years of broadcast experience and state of the art online editing facilities to provide a highly polished creative result.  We also  manage the myriad technical and regulatory broadcast issues such as Photo Sensitive Epilepsy testing and ensure  compliance with any worldwide broadcaster's technical standards and deliverables spec.

Our facilities' video editing and post production approach

We bring a keen eye, years of experience and a cost effective approach to every post production project around our Cardiff and London suites.

Our recently installed state of the art Avid Symphony online editing facility in Cardiff ensures we achieve the highest quality of finish for our clients needs - be they corporate video DVD's or UHD / 4k broadcast TV programmes.

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